Friday, December 18, 2009

I hate those meeces to pieces

This is for those of us who are old enough to remember Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks the cat. The cartoon was part of the Huckleberry Hound series. (Thanks Wikipedia.) Mr. Jinks was headstrong but too dense to pose any real harm to Pixie and Dixie, two enterprising mice. Well, I am just as ineffectual with our house guests, aka mice, and I'm often heard to mutter Mr. Jinx's nonsensical saying, "I hate those meeces to pieces." Of course, our two mouse hunters in residence are no better than I am in catching the little rascals. And here is the result of their latest handiwork. Did they attack items knitted from Acrylic yarn? Of course not; the miscreants feathered their beds with the most expensive items knitted with hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns.

This also reminds me of another tale from about thirty years ago when I worked in a camp in Northern New Jersey. While camp management did not believe in chemical warfare against four legged critters, we did put up poison in small bags in the infirmary to control the mice population. But again humanity was totally ineffectual. The resident mice decided to take the little bags and literally shove them off the beams and bombard sick children with them. So we protected the kids with mosquito nets and left the mice alone.

Yes, "I hate these meeces to pieces" but they are part of living in the woods. And I found a use for those socks where the mice left the leg portion ungnawed. Felt lightly, cut off foot and use as wrist warmers.

Knit on merrily!


  1. Grrr! Your house mouse control system must be well fed :-)

    It's really a shame to lose a nice pair of socks like that, but wristwarmer sound nice too.

  2. I hate those critters as much as you do. Fortunately, my current residence has never had them. However, previous residence did. I literally jumped on my coffee table when one stared me in the face...unafraid, he was.

    Sad about the socks but good idea on the mitts.

  3. Oh my! My hubby listens to a lot of talk radio. Someone called in & asked about keeping mice out of the home. I didn't hear all of the details, but he stated that mice hate the scent of peppermint. Perhaps doing a search on the Internet will help.