Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, it's been already a month since my last entry. The older I get the farther behind I get. I've finished a few things and have several things on the needles. Can't never have to many projects going! It keeps away the boredom. I've spent a good deal of time on worrying. Since we live in the country, we heat, cook and have hot water by propane. Well propane in these parts went up to $3.00 a gallon which would have almost doubled the cost. So we went shopping and purchased a pellet stove. My daughter would have preferred a corn stove. When you burn corn, the house always smells like corn bread, but due to Ethanol production, corn prices have gone through the roof as well. And with her asthma, a regular wood heating stove was out of the question.

Now those who know me well, realize that spending money instills instant panic in me; thus the worry button was on full throttle. The stove is installed; the house feels wonderfully warm and, I think, it will pay for itself in 1-1/2 heating seasons. We've also started to wash laundry in cold water. So basically we only use propane for cooking and hot water.
On top of it all, the car needs fixing and the microwave died on its 28th birthday. Yep, that's right! It lasted a full 28 years. I never have to have a yard sale. When I am through with something, it's dead, "deader than a door nail." I am my dearly beloved Aunt Emma's girl.

Here are pics of socks I've finished the last few weeks:

Recognize the yarn? It's a rerun of last month's sock. The sock was (1) way too big and (2) the pattern and yarn did not go together. I will tinker with the pattern and knit them one of these days. I named the socks "Candy Corn." The pattern came from the Ravelry Socktopia group and is called "Acorn Baskets." The yarn is from Poppy Yarn Designs, my in-house yarn supply, aka daughter. She can be reached at

These socks were knit with Sockotta yarn and are called "Wassersocken" (or water socks). The pattern is from the Yahoo group "Petzis_Socken" and is a German pattern, but the instructions are both in German and English.

These are very simple self-designed socks knit with hand spun Romney-Columbia mix, again by Poppy Yarn Designs. Doesn't she do a nice job?

These socks are called "Waldsocken" or "Forest socks." Again, this is one of Petzis_Socken mystery designs, and the yarn is by Poppy Yarn Designs. I am currently knitting the foot.
Otherwise, I have three shawls and one scarf going. Hopefully, I'll finish them this winter since I have several patterns on the back burner.
Knit On!

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