Monday, May 5, 2008

Socks, socks, and more socks

I've been busy knitting and stingy in sharing. The shawls are coming along slowly, but I have accumulated some socks just to have some positive reinforcement that I still can knit a lace pattern. So here are the newest additions to my sock parade:

The first pair of socks is from the March/April 2008 issue of Piece Work. It is called "Wishbone" and the designer is Nancy Bush. Again, an old ball of Opal was used up for this project.

The second pair came from Cast-On magazine, February-April 2008 issue. The designer is Arenda Holladay. The yarn is an "old" ball of Opal.

Now isn't that a leg to admire? Alas, it's not mine. It's plastic and is my new acquisition to photograph socks with. Actually, the leg was fairly inexpensive. Only $15 without shipping

The third and final pair is called Susanna and was the March/April pattern from the Socken-Kreative-Liste. The designer is Stephanie Van der Linde. The yarn was hand-dyed by my daughter, Angie. The photo does not do the yarn or the dye job justice. It is simply beautiful. Here is a detail photo of the pattern

Tomorrow's goal is to catch up with every one's posts. I think I've been sulking too much over my own frustrations with my knitting problems to pay attention to anything else. I'm sorry I've been so selfish

"Knit on!"